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Welcome to the Locode pages!

Descartes and Port of Antwerp offer you the service to consult the Locode database via various search criteria. Note that this website is a dynamical one: even the locodes added a minute ago are available. Currently, there are 88247 active locodes in our database.

If you should have any questions at all regarding locodes or the usage of this website, feel free to contact Mr. Eddy Munghen (Belgian chief responsible for administering local Locodes).

Ask a new locode

Places without locode can be assigned one by request. The new locode can hence be used in trade documents. New locodes can only be asked for making use of the predefined web form. 

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Subscribe to the locode service

To keep you informed of the latest addition/changes/deletions of locodes, we offer you notification by e-mail, free of charge! Simply fill in the web form, choose which type of e-mail you want and we will automatically keep you posted. Not happy with this service? No worries, you can unsubscribe at any moment.

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Search a locode

The database contains 88247 active locodes. To make your life easier, this site has extensive search capabilities. With the basic search, you can search for locodes by providing (part of) the place name, you can search all the locodes or all the subdivisions for a particular country and you can find the place name belonging to a locode.

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Advanced search

Besides the basic search functions above, you can extend your search criteria with the advanced search capability. If you only want the locodes for sea ports, if you just want the locodes for location accessible by rail, etc..., then advanced search is your choice.

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As a service to you, we offer free downloads of the locode list of your choice. You can select which list you want and in which format.

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What is this about & disclaimer

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